Interview with the developers of Roland DG TrueVIS VG2 Series

We worked on the event planning and production, as well as execution of developers interview created for global promotion of the new product from Roland DG Corporation “TrueVIS VG2 Series” 

TrueVIS VG2 Series is the most expressive inkjet printer Roland DG has ever made; challenging the new technologies, best printing quality, and usability, trustworthiness…the product covers smallest details of all the aspects.

We created a video that can convey the wonders of Roland DG products which are acknowledged across the world. We also tried our best to convey the passion and feelings of the developers which are rare to see, together with the view of Hamamatsu Main Office.
Do check out the developer’s interview full of passion for TrueVIS VG2 Series. 

TrueVIS VG2 Series Detalis Page

  • date: 2019/3
  • プロデュース・企画・進行管理: 織田 洋介(TASKO Inc.)
  • 映像ディレクション・撮影・編集: 古屋 和臣
  • スチール撮影: 山田 優李
  • サウンドデザイン: 佐藤 公俊
  • メイク: 石島 雅菜、阿部 真子
  • 照明デザイン: 株式会社ビッグダイナモ
  • パネル制作: 片岡 達也(鼎堂)
  • 協力: 小柴 一浩(コシバ食堂)
  • 進行補佐: 山崎 裕可里(TASKO Inc.)