MOLESKINE2019spring Display@Ginza・Itoya

MOLESKINE SPRING CAMPAIGN - Bright mood in your pocket
We created the visuals and the in-store display at Ginza Itoya for MOLESKINE SPRING CAMPAIGN.

We decorated with the cherry blossoms theme for the yearly「Spring Collection」where MOLESKINE focuses on on「Spring」in Japan.

We designed the key visuals from shooting to creating the wall-display with a giant notebook as well as 2-colored cherry blossoms decoration on the table.
You can also take a photo with the giant notebook and enjoy!
Let’s feel the early coming of spring with MOLESKINE!

MOLESKINE SPRING CAMPAIGN - Bright mood in your pocket
Duration: 19th Feb (Tue.)~4th Mar. (Mon.) 2019
Address: G.Itoya First floor  Event space by Azuma Street
Details: Official website of Itoya Ginza Branch

  • date: 2019/2
  • ディレクション・デザイン・ディスプレイ製作: 織田洋介( TASKO Inc. デザイン&ウェブ制作部)
  • ディレクション・デザイン・ディスプレイ製作補佐: 山﨑 裕可里(TASKO Inc. デザイン&ウェブ制作部)
  • ウィンドウディスプレイ製作: 北澤岳雄(TASKO Inc. 美術制作部)、佐々田恒彦(TASKO Inc. 設計制作部)若菜直子(TASKO Inc. 総務部)
  • 装花: MY’S今泉冴也香
  • ビジュアル撮影: 株式会社bird and insect