MIKIMOTO “Jardin Mystérieux”


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©MIKIMOTO *Photo(Ginza Main Store)

A jewellery brand, MIKIMOTO’s collection 2019 was held at Hotel Okura last summer and TASKO worked on the exhibition for the exhibits’ project planning, design and production.

This work displayed the diffuse reflection of light and colours reflected on jewels by controlling the rotation of the mirror object to which a video is projected.
It transformed the venue into “a garden of magical beauty” which is a theme of this new high jewellery collection “Jardin Mystérieux”.


【Exhibition Info】
Dates: 25th-26th September 2019
Venue: Heian Room(1st Floor), The Okura Prestige Tower

Dates: 28th September – 7th October 2019
Venue: MIKIMOTO Ginza Main Store

Technical Director, Planning, Mechanical Design, Engineering:KIMURA(TASKO inc. Engineering Production Dept.)
Production Manager, Planning, Display Design, Engineering:Kei Narita(TASKO inc. Engineering Production Dept.)
Device Design, Programming:Ryota Okiyama(TASKO inc. Engineering Production Dept.)
Video:Kohei Kudo(TASKO inc. Engineering Production Dept.)
Production:Ryoichi Sakata, Naoto Ooi(TASKO inc. Engineering Production Dept.)