We directed and produced for Maenomeri Exhibition by Tenjikunezumi Katsumi Kawahara!


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An exhibition event by the famous comedian Katsumi Kawahara of Tenjikunezumi
『Katsumi Kawahara of Tenjikunezumi Maenomeri Exhibition~I’ll egg-coat everyone’s leaning forward position~』
was held at Marui Yurakucho! TASKO worked on the direction and production of the exhibition.

With its unique worldview, it has gained the attention of celebrities as well as diehard comedy fans.

It is the largest exhibition of the “Katsumi Kawahara of Tenjikunezumi”, who has 550 thousand twitter followers.

In the exhibition hall designed by Kawahara himself as an art director,  there is an illustration drawn by him. There are also display of props used in his comedy and a photo-booth where you can try out the different wigs etc.
There will be different events such as talk show with Kawahara and guest talker in the event space.
There will be many side-events as well! Sales of original items and the pre-sale of the first picture book “Rarara” by Kawahara planned to be sold around mid-January.
The exhibition period will continue on until 14th of January.
Do come and visit!

[Artist Profile]
Katsumi Kawahara of Tenjikunezumi
From the 26th class of Osaka NSC. Founded Tenjikunezumi in 2003 with Yutaka Seshita.
Finalist of King of Conte 2008・2009・2013.
His unique character and illustrations, which he also uses in his comedy, is popular amongst people.
Original LINE stamp and book『Single-word coloring book Tenjikunezumi Katsumi Kawahara』is on sale!
This『Maenomeri Exhibition』is the first large-scale solo exhibition. 

◆Details including event schedule from here!
>>Official website: http://kawaharakatsumi-art.com/

【Event Details】
『Katsumi Kawahara of Tenjikunezumi Maenomeri Exhibition~I’ll egg-coat everyone’s leaning forward position~』
Duration: 29th Dec. 2018 (Sat.) ~ 14th Jan. 2019 (Mon. Public Holiday)
Time: 11:00~21:00, (10:30~20:30 for Sundays and public holidays)
Last entree 30 minutes before the closing time.
Venue: Marui Yurakucho 8th floor event space
  (Address: 1-7-2, Yūrakuchō, Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo 100-0006)
Ticket: Pre-sold entrance ticket with an original item 1,000 JPY (Tax-inclusive)
     Pre-sold ticket & on-day entrance ticket  500円 (Tax-inclusive)
 Sold from 10:00 am 16th Nov. (Fri.) at Ticket Yoshimoto
※on-say ticket will only be sold at the exhibition venue.
※The pre-sold entrance ticket with an original item can be purchased until 23:59 pm, 28th Dec. (Fri.)
※Shape and design might change.
※You might not be able to choose the design.
※Free entree for preschoolers. (Ticket will be needed for children above primary school). wheel-chair allowed.