Online promo video drama “The Aoba’s Dining Table” and MORINAGA’s “Komugi-Haiga Cracker” by HOKUOH, KURASHINO DOUGUTEN


  • Art production



The online store website “HOKUOH, KURASHINO DOUGUTEN” released a special episode “Breakfast Plan”, of its original drama series, “The Aoba’s Dining Table” in collaboration with MORINAGA&CO.,LTD.’s “Komugi-Haiga Cracker”.
Our Art Production Department took part in the production for the scenic design.

As well as the kitchen, living room, Riku’s room in the Aoba house, we also created the scenery of film making scene by Riku and his friends. Especially in the film making scene, we worked on the hand made props and scenery to express the fun of making things!

The episode is now on YouTube! Hope you enjoy!

“HOKUOH, KURASHINO DOUGUTEN” Official website (Japanese):


Scenic Design:Koyuki Kato(TASKO inc. Art Production Dept.)
Scenic Assistant:Chika Kagaya(TASKO inc. Art Production Dept.), Takeo Kitazawa(TASKO inc. Art Production Dept.)