Shiseido Ginza Building Window Display “Wording from Shinzo Fukuhara”


  • Engineering production





We worked on the Shiseido Ginza building 1st floor window display again since last time we worked on it in the autumn last year.

This time, we are exhibiting the display showcasing the words of the founder of Shiseido, Mr. Shinzo Fukuhara.
He left a huge impact as a photographer, displaying his artistic and cultural talent. At the same time, he had entrepreneurial quality; his philosophical art sense left footprints in the activities of Shiseido which stays even today.
This time, we selected quotes from a massive bank of 1.45 million letters written by Mr. Fukuhara, and created an installation art using contemporary technologies such as LED Display, Laser Processing, computer-control. Mr. Fukuhara’s quotes keep on flowing inside the speech-bubble-shaped display while changing its color and position.
Enjoy this new visual expression of text which is innovatively different from the conventional paper and printed methods.




【Exhibition Details】
Address: 5-5 7-chome Ginza, Chuo-ward, Tokyo  〒104-0061
Venue: Shiseido Ginza building 1st floor window display
Duration: 15th Jan. to mid-Mar. 2019 *Excluding the weekends, public holidays, and Shiseido Ginza Building closed dates.


Art Director: Katsura Marubashi (Shiseido)

TD, planning, mechanism design and engineering, execution: KIMURA (TASKO Inc. Design Engineering Department)
Planning, Mechanism design & engineering, execution: Kohei Kudo (TASKO Inc. Design Engineering Department)
Device design and engineering: Ryota Okiyama (TASKO Inc. Design Engineering Department)
Programming, direction, and execution: Taichi Shirai (Akari, Inc)
Production and implementation: Yusuke Ide (TASKO Inc. Design Engineering Department), Masaru Tabei 
Production: Ryoichi Sakata, Ryo Inomata, Kenta Suzuki, Soma Nagahara, Kohei Tone, Marika Sato (TASKO Inc. Design Engineering Department)
       Takeo Kitazawa, Koyuki Kato, Chika Kagaya (TASKO Inc. Art Production Department)
       Yukari Yamazaki (TASKO Inc. Design & Web Department)
       Ami Takahashi (TASKO Inc. Stage Production Department)
       Kazuhiro Koshiba (Koshiba Canteen), Haruka Niizeki