Special website for Roland DG “The Power of Creativity”



The web & graphic design department built and designed Roland DG Corporation’s special website, “The Power of Creativity”.

This website collects and introduces creativity of Roland DG groups, their partner companies and users from all over the world.
It gives you the tips of creativity that you could use during this difficult time of COVID-19,
providing various categories such as ”USEFUL TIPS”, ”SUPPORT”, and ”ACADEMY”.
”USEFUL TIPS” is where you can find the works of anti-coronavirus items made with Roland DG’s products, and tips and notes for your business, ”SUPPORT” is where you can get maintenance related information like how to self-maintain the products for periods of non-use. And in ”ACADEMY”, it gives you tips and ideas about how to make the most of their products.

“The Power of Creativity” special website : https://creativity.rolanddg.com/en

MIKIMOTO “Jardin Mystérieux”


©MIKIMOTO *Photo(Ginza Main Store)

A jewellery brand, MIKIMOTO’s collection 2019 was held at Hotel Okura last summer and TASKO worked on the exhibition for the exhibits’ project planning, design and production.

This work displayed the diffuse reflection of light and colours reflected on jewels by controlling the rotation of the mirror object to which a video is projected.
It transformed the venue into “a garden of magical beauty” which is a theme of this new high jewellery collection “Jardin Mystérieux”.


【Exhibition Info】
Dates: 25th-26th September 2019
Venue: Heian Room(1st Floor), The Okura Prestige Tower

Dates: 28th September – 7th October 2019
Venue: MIKIMOTO Ginza Main Store

Technical Director, Planning, Mechanical Design, Engineering:KIMURA(TASKO inc. Engineering Production Dept.)
Production Manager, Planning, Display Design, Engineering:Kei Narita(TASKO inc. Engineering Production Dept.)
Device Design, Programming:Ryota Okiyama(TASKO inc. Engineering Production Dept.)
Video:Kohei Kudo(TASKO inc. Engineering Production Dept.)
Production:Ryoichi Sakata, Naoto Ooi(TASKO inc. Engineering Production Dept.)



“WORLD PETS EXPO 2020”, the first online expo in Japan for all pet lovers has opened.
TASKO designed the set and worked on prop styling for the product photoshoot of “EXHIBITOR BOOTH” on the website.

In the “EXHIBITOR BOOTH”, you can see new products and the latest information from various pet companies.
We focused on keeping the products stood out as well as arranging the geometric props to bring a nice structure on the whole website.

[Event Dates]
April 25th 2020〜May 31st 2020
“WORLD PETS EXPO 2020” Official website:https://world-pets-expo.com/


Set Design/Prop Styling:Chika Kagaya(TASKO inc. Art Production Dept.)
Production:Takeo Kitazawa(TASKO inc. Art Production Dept.), Koyuki Kato(TASKO inc. Art Production Dept.), Ami Takahashi(TASKO inc. Stage Production Dept.)



“PECOBOX” is a gift box service by PECO Inc. for beloved dogs and cats, which they receive toys and snacks.
Chika Kagaya from our Art Production Department has been working on the graphic styling for the “PECOBOX” advertisement since 2018.

The space is created with paper props for the themes of each month so that the product stood out in the space. It brings the fun and bright designs throughout the year.

“PECOBOX” Official website (Japanese):https://box.peco-japan.com/



Graphic Styling: Chika Kagaya(TASKO inc. Art Production Dept.)