*Nov. 18 updated→11/20(金) 恵比寿ガーデンホールで開催!Perfumery Organ 東京展示会、スペシャルゲストが決定。


*news updated 18th Nov.
We are thrilled and honoured to have invited Ikuko Harada(clammbon), Taylor Deupree(12k), Corey Fuller(12k/ Illuha) for a special live at “Perfumery Organ Exhibition in The Garden Hall/Tokyo,
Exhibition and Special Live’ line-up is finally here!
We hope to see you this weekend!


– Exhibition line-up
TASKO/Invisible Designs Lab.「Perfumery Organ」
KIMURA(TASKO)×Tomoaki Yanagisawa(rhizomatiks)「MMI」
Invisible Designs Lab.「TIMECODE」
Invisible Designs Lab.「KO-TONE」


– Special Guest line-up
Ikuko Harada(clammbon),
Taylor Deupree(12k),
Corey Fuller(12k/ Illuha).

– Time Schedule
17:00 – 19:50

19:50 – 20:00
TALK Session – “What if an instrument could play sounds as well as scents? “
Masayuki Noda (Invisible Designs Lab.) + Masa Kimura(TASKO)

20:00 – 21:55
Special Guest LIVE
*Taylor Deupree (12k)+Corey Fuller (12k)(Illuha)
*Ikuko Harada (clammbon)
*Taylor Deupree+Corey Fuller, and Ikuko Harada


For more detail;
Date: 20th Nov., 2015
Venue: The Garden Hall/TOKYO
Address: 1-13-2 Mita, Meguro, Tokyo 153-0062
Hours: 17:00am – 22:00pm (live start: 20:00)
Admission free for Adults / University students, High school students and younger, kids!
Independently Organised by TASKO / Invisible Designs Lab.
Support: Tropical, 12k, HOT STUFF PROMOTION

↓news updated 14th Nov.
12k have just announced ‘Marcus Fischer will not be joining us on the 12k tour in Japan next week due to a shoulder injury’,
Unfortunately, we just got news that Marcus Fischer has to cancel his special guest slot on upcoming Perfumery Organ Exhibition too.
Marcus Fischer is dealing with the shoulder injury issues and his doctor has advised him to rest at home. We will miss him on the road to Japan Tour but wish him a quick and speedy recovery.


*2015年11月20日(金) 於 恵比寿ガーデンホール、「Perfumery Organ Exhibition in Tokyo」の開催のお知らせ。

「音」と「香り」の共奏を実現する、世界で1台の(香)楽器「Perfumery Organ」の展示会を開催します。

今回の展示会では、Perfumery Organを「見る」「触る」「弾く」「香る」「感じる」、そんなことを誰もが自由にできます。
そして、スペシャルゲストで、原田郁子さん(クラムボン)、Taylor Deupreeさん(12k) 、Corey Fullerさん(12k)による演奏とスペシャル・ライブも予定しています。

– TASKO/Invisible Designs Lab.

Perfumery Organとは?

Perfumery Organ from Corey Fuller on Vimeo.

Perfumery Organ Exhibition in Tokyo
会期:2015年11月20日(金) ※一夜限りの開催です。
時間:17:00pm 〜 22:00pm (LIVE START: 20:00 〜)
会場:東京・恵比寿ガーデンホール/ The Garden Hall
住所:〒153-0062 東京都目黒区三田1-13-2
お問い合わせ: TASKO公式サイト

Exhibition LINEUP
TASKO and Invisible Designs Lab.「Perfumery Organ」

Extra Exhibition LINEUP
KIMURA(TASKO)×Tomoaki Yanagisawa(rhizomatiks)「MMI」
Invisible Designs Lab.「TIMECODE」
Invisible Designs Lab.「KO-TONE」

– Special Guest
原田 郁子(clammbon)
Taylor Deupree(12k)
Marcus Fischer(12k)
Corey Fuller(12k)(Illuha)


[Perfumery Organ Exhibition 主催]
Perfumery Organ Project

[Perfumery Organ Exhibition 企画制作]
TASKO / Invisible Designs Lab.

[Perfumery Organ Exhibition 協力]

[Perfumery Organ Exhibition 製作]
Stage Manager: Yoshiyuki Ebihara(Seven Ten)
Sound Design / House Engineer: Masanori Takeda(Acoustic)
Monitor Engineer: Takako Hasegawa(Acoustic)
Lighting Design: Masayoshi Takada(RYU)
Lighting Engineer: Megumi Yamashita(RYU)
Decoration/Stage Design:Takeo Kitazawa
Decoration: Kato Koyuki / Kana Sasaki
Backline Technician: Takuhito Miyano(inMusic JAPAN)
Flyer Photo: Natsuki Kuroda
Flyer Design: Kato Koyuki / Aki Tominaga
Venue Coordinator: Shin Aramaki(Standard Works)
Promoter: Tomonori Komuro(HOT STUFF PROMOTION)
Organizer: Noda Masayuki(Invisible Designs Lab.) / Toshikazu Futamura(TASKO)


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