“WORLD PETS EXPO 2020”, the first online expo in Japan for all pet lovers has opened.
TASKO designed the set and worked on prop styling for the product photoshoot of “EXHIBITOR BOOTH” on the website.

In the “EXHIBITOR BOOTH”, you can see new products and the latest information from various pet companies.
We focused on keeping the products stood out as well as arranging the geometric props to bring a nice structure on the whole website.

[Event Dates]
April 25th 2020〜May 31st 2020
“WORLD PETS EXPO 2020” Official website:https://world-pets-expo.com/


Set Design/Prop Styling:Chika Kagaya(TASKO inc. Art Production Dept.)
Production:Takeo Kitazawa(TASKO inc. Art Production Dept.), Koyuki Kato(TASKO inc. Art Production Dept.), Ami Takahashi(TASKO inc. Stage Production Dept.)