Visuals for MOLESKINE2019 BLACK

We prduced the key visual for MOLESKINE CLASSIC BLACK COLLECTION.
With “Black is Bright” as the key concept, we gathered the black items not only from MOLESKINE’s popular notebooks, but also bags, device accessories, pens, and more.
The more you use, the more it charms; it expresses the brightness and tastefulness of classic black that increases as you use.

It will be displayed in the stores selling MOLESKINE products across Japan.

  • ディレクション・デザイン: 織田 洋介(TASKO Inc. デザイン&ウェブ制作部)
  • 美術制作: 加賀谷 静(TASKO Inc. 美術制作部)
  • ディレクション・デザイン補佐: 山﨑 裕可里(TASKO Inc. デザイン&ウェブ制作部)
  • ビジュアル撮影: 株式会社bird and insect