GOOD PARK ! 2018 ~ Arts, Music, Play, and Invent ~

We conducted day-event『GOOD PARK! 2018 ~ Arts, Music, Play, and Invent ~』which turned the Shinagawa Central Park into an art space!


【Event Details】

『GOOD PARK! 2018 ~Arts, Music, Play, and Invent~』
Date: 26th Aug. 2018 (Sun.) 10:00~21:00  Free Entree
Venue: Shinagawa Central Park
Address: 1-27, Nishishinagawa, Shinagawa City  in front of Shinagawa City Hall (Map)
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【Participated Artists & Companies】


Maywa Denki (Artist) / Live Performance
Kaisou Shimai (Musician) / Live Performance
Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys (Musician) / Live Performance
Nao Yoshigai (Filmmaker, Choreographer, and Dancer) / Dance & Movie Performance
Seseragi (Walking Actor) / Walking Performance
Design Musica (Space Design Company) / Spatial structure of the venue & Workshop
AM-A-LAB (Jerk Chicken Vendor) / Marche venue design & Spatial structure
Norio☆Nishihara (Sculptor) / Exhibition, Workshop, and Performance
・the paper LLC / Spatial structure of the venue
TASKO inc.