Cherry blooms in winter @ Roppongi Hills

7 July, 2019


The collaboration promotion event of job search engine “Indeed” and a famous anime was held in Hills Arena at Roppongi Hills.

Participants use a pumping device to collect light gauge. When the gauge is full, bubbles filled with smoke pushes out to fill the area.

The smoke-filled bubbles are lit with pink light to give an effect of snowfall in the cherry blossom color. This fantastic digital art depicts the famous epic scene from anime “cherry blossom of winter”; filling up the sky with the color of cherry blossom and making it viral on news as well as on social media.

TASKO made the interactive pumping device for this event.



TD, device design & engineering, and execution: Ryota Okiyama (TASKO Inc. Design Engineering Department)
Hardware design & production, and execution: Masaki Sato (TASKO Inc. Design Engineering Department)
Production: Ryoichi Sakata, Ryo Inomata, Kenta Suzuki (TASKO Inc. Design Engineering Department)

Direction, planning, and programming: IMG SRC inc.
Special effects: Migistraight Ltd.

“GOOD PARK ! 2019 ~ Arts, Music, Play, and Invent ~”

5 May, 2020

A cultural event in Shinagawa where everyone from kids to adults can have fun! “GOOD PARK! 2019” is on!
TASKO is all-in for it this year too!

★Please visit the event website of GOOD PARK! 2019 for more details!

We are going to set up 4 stages in the park and you can enjoy various programs!
Check out the details↓↓↓


★Check out the MUSIC stage and WORK SHOP stage time-table, full of fun activities!★

【Event Details】
Title:GOOD PARK! 2019 ~Art、Music、Play and Invent~
Date:15th Sep.(Sun.) 2019, 10:00‐20:00
Venue:Shinagawa Central Park(1-27, Nishishinagawa, Shinagawa-City. In front of Shinagawa City Hall)
Entrance Fee:Free
Organized by GOOD PARK! committee and Shinagawa City
Sponsors:NSK Ltd., Roland DG Corporation, Babot Inc., RYU, TASKO Inc.